Bringing focus back to the farm

For decades, farms have been pushed to the fringes of our cities and metro areas. Our goal is to aggressively reverse that trend. The Farm Team sees every urban development and redevelopment effort as an opportunity to seed small farms that can turn a profit by supplying their communities with locally grown produce. Forget about teaching a man to fish—we believe in teaching everyone how to farm, especially the younger generation. Our experts help developers and fellow farmers draft site plans, create and build custom equipment, implement efficiency measures, and develop educational programs and partnerships with schools.

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Developing solutions for next generation farming

We support the growth of the local economy by serving new farmers and real estate developers with integrated agriculture solutions that add value to underutilized land an help new farmers overcome the obstacles to creating and operating a viable farm enterprise.


Maximizing Value of Underutilized Land

  1. Provide amenity value to developer

  2. Offset land access and capital costs for new farmers

  3. Increase access to healthy local food


We strive to work with Developers, Schools, Farmers, and Architects to bring agriculture back to where people work, live and play. We plan to create unavoidable agriculture in these places by working with these planners.

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